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DynaML is a Scala environment for conducting research and education in Machine Learning. DynaML comes packaged with a powerful library of classes for various predictive models and a Scala REPL where one can not only build custom models but also play around with data work-flows.

Hello World

Refer to the installation guide for getting up and running. Start the DynaML shell.


The data/ directory contains data sets, which are used by the programs in the dynaml-examples/ module. Lets run a Gaussian Process (GP) regression model on the synthetic 'delve' data set.

TestGPDelve("RBF", 2.0, 1.0, 500, 1000)


In this example TestGPDelve we train a GP model based on the RBF Kernel with its bandwidth/length scale set to 2.0 and the noise level set to 1.0, we use 500 input output patterns to train and test on an independent sample of 1000 data points. Apart from printing a bunch of evaluation metrics in the console DynaML also generates Javascript plots using Wisp in the browser.